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Altar of Healing Christian chapel desktop background image free download sacred religious site photograph - picture of The Leper Chapel Cambridge East Anglia United Kingdom

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About the Sacred Healing Chapel Altar in this Photograph

At around 1125 AD/CE, in the reign of King Henry I, an isolation Hospital for lepers was established in Cambridge UK and close by a chapel - The Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene - was built for the Lepers.

The Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene ("The Leper Chapel") still stands today and is believed to be the oldest complete building in the ancient sacred city of Cambridge, UK.

The Lepers survived by begging at the roadside and by growing crops. However, in 1199 their income was boosted by King John granting them the right to hold a 3-day fair on the vigil of the Holy Cross. This fair - The Stourbridge Fair - benefited from being close to the river Cam which connected with the North Sea and sea routes to and from mainland Europe. It grew to be the largest medieval fair in Europe and its popularity was to be a key factor in preserving the Leper Chapel building up to the 18th century when the fair ceased.

Around 1279 the hospital became disused and a new Leper Hospital was built in another part of Cambridge in 1361.

The Leper Chapel was restored in the 20th century and is now an incredibly beautiful - in a very simple and ancient way - chapel in which communion services are still held from time to time.

More about the Cambidge Leper Chapel can be found here: Cambridge Healing Group

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