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Self-Empowerment via the 4-Phase Breath-Mindfulness Practice

Breathwork - 4 phase breathing practice for Self-Empowerment - Breath Mindfulness meditation

Your Breath Pattern right now, is a useful mirror of the energetic pattern you are living by, just now!

A Symptom is a Messenger! - Don't Shoot the Messenger! - Listen to its wise message!

Track each breath deficit down to the disturbed roots that are feeding it!

1. Close your eyes and observe the present pattern of your breath cycle
How strong or weak, short or long, jerky or smooth, are the in-breath and out-breath? Is there a pause after the in-breath and/or out-breath? How long or short, comfortable or uncomfortable, is/are the pause(s)?

2. Note the tendency of your mind
To judge the present natural pattern and want to fix and control! - RESIST THIS TEMPTATION!

3. Observe how your breath, drawing on the energy of your attention
will often adjust towards a healthier and natural 4-phase pattern.

4. Check the pattern of your present breath cycle in Table 1. below
Gain clues to how your breath cycle is mirroring your present (subconscious?) lifestyle pattern.
5. Explore your potential!
For making your breath-cycle more naturally resourceful, by adding in the affirmations in Table 2 below, plus a GENTLE encouragement to move towards the square (autogenic) pattern shown below. Respect any resistance found and get skilled help to transform your pattern towards a more healthy, self-empowering, self-creating one.

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Table 1: What the phases of the breath tell us.

Phase of Breath Cycle STRONG means WEAK or ABSENT means
IN-BREATH Self-empowerment low spirits, Fear of being powerful, Self-limitation, Jerky = self-sabotage
HELD IN-BREATH [Self-] Control Energy-Scattering, Lack of willpower/self-discipline
OUT-BREATH Letting-Go, Clearing, Relaxing Self-burdening, Over-controlling, Jerky = held-in toxic emotions or held-onto insecurities
HELD OUT-BREATH Self-restoration, Stillness, Receptivity
Peace, Intuition, Transformation, Creativity, Pure Beingness
Hyperarousal, Anxiety, Insecurity, Vulnerability


Table 2: Affirmations to strengthen the phases of the breath cycle.
Say 1 or more keywords/phrases on the related phase of the breath that you want to strengthen.
If you cannot say the affirmation with conviction, check out the resource links (above) for weakness in that phase of the breath cycle.

Phase of Breath Cycle AFFIRMATIONS - choose a word or phrase that resonates
IN-BREATH Energy, Power, Potency, I am powerful!
HELD IN-BREATH Discipline, Control, Choice, Responsibility, Wisdom, I am in Control, I take control now
OUT-BREATH I Let Go, Relax, Release, Surrender
HELD OUT-BREATH I rest, I restore myself, I recharge, Stillness, Listening, Intuition, Creativity, Simply Being


This 4-Phase-Breath Self-Awareness & Self-Transformation Practice is a Mindfulness-Based Stress-Reduction training technique developed by Dr. Michael J. Meredith


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