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The Art of Self-Protection against Evil Influences & Negativity

Psychic Self-defence & Self-Protection, Energy Stealing, Possession by Evil or Alien Intrusion Forces - Copyright 2014 Psychic Attack & Self-Protection, Energy Stealing, Possession by Evil or Alien Intrusion Entities - Copyright 2014

Align Yourself with the Beautiful Protective Powers of the Universe!

Begin sitting, allow the music to perfuse & cleanse your energy field while chanting & swaying to the music, gradually moving to standing position, then walking, all the time tuning into your personal, naturally-unfolding swaying 'Movement Medicine'.
Allow emotions to flow and be acted out in your self-integrating & cathartic movements.

Aad Guray Nameh (I Honour the Primal Source of Creation)
Jugaad Guray Nameh (I Honour the Eternally Creative Force of Nature)
Sat Guray Nameh (I Honour My True Self/Soul)
Siri Guru Devay Nameh (I Honour the Eternal Glory of Creation)
Guru = that which brings me from darkness (=Gu) to light (=Ru)

HEAR MORE TRACKS from this album called "Prem" (= the experience of divine love)

What Is Meant By "The Psyche" & "Psychic Protection"?

The "PSYCHE" is the non-physical aspect of ourselves. The origin is from the Greek word 'psycho' meaning "to blow" - to the Greeks "psyche" was the last breath before death" and also the part of our identity that leaves our body at the point of death.

Modern ideas of "psyche" or "non-physical selfhood" range around "Mind", "Consciousness", "Subtle (i.e. non-physical) body", "Energy-field (Aura)" or "Soul".

In everyday usage and in psychology [psyche-ology] and psychiatry, our psyche is often experienced, and referred to, as our "personality", which usually means our behaviour patterns, personal qualities, roles, values, beliefs, preferences, cravings, aversions and feelings.

Our key relationships are also a part of our personal "subtle realm territory" - we will often react to attacks on our friends and family as if they were attacks on us personally and directly.

Basically "PSYCHIC PROTECTION" is the art and science of protecting our sense of IDENTITY and our NON-PHYSICAL TERRITORY. It is a very huge aspect of human activity and experience. An important aspect of this is "assertiveness training". The assertive style of communication (often confused with an aggressive style!) and associated body language build healthy self-esteem, increase the effectiveness of our communication and improve the quality of our relationships. For a workshop or personal coaching on this see "Dealing with Hostility Aggression", but basically...

  • AGGRESSIVE  interactions flow from the belief  "I'm OK, You are NOT OK!"
  • ASSERTIVE  interactions embody the belief  "I'm OK, You are OK"
  • PASSIVE  interactions embody the belief  "You are OK. I'M NOT OK"
  • MANIPULATIVE  interactions:  "You're NOT OK but I'm going to make you think you are!"

    *See "CASTING OUT DEMONS" - 21st CENTURY UPDATE! at The Medieval Chapel

    *Removal of a Curse laid down by an Ex-Partner:  Case Report


    "Sticks and Stones may Break my Bones but Words will never Harm Me!"

    What nonesense! Words can by very wounding and sabotaging. Not only words, but even body language, emotional energies, thoughts and intentions, which are also forms of energy, can vibrate through the energy matrix in which we live (see research of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake) to produce effects that may be either beneficial or harmful to others - or to ourselves!

    EMOTIONAL MANIPULATION: How Manipulators Take Control in Personal Relationships!
    Relationships at home or work - EMOTIONAL MANIPULATION How Manipulators Take Control in Personal Relationships & manipulative workplace partnerships Emotional Manipulation is deadly! - it is very subtle, takes a lot of time and slowly creeps into a relationship until you wake up one day to realize you have become fearful and feel unworthy, emotionally needing, unlovable, insignificant, untrusting and undeserving - and the awful thing is that you have become either too dependent or too afraid to leave!

    Covert emotional manipulation is a deceptive and abusive form of exercising control in relationships. It occurs when a person uses underhanded methods to change the other person's thinking, behavior and perceptions for the purpose of gaining power and control. It's really is pathetic for no one deserves to be treated this way.

    Identifying covert emotional manipulation is tricky. You may sense something is wrong, but you can't quite put your finger on the problem. Use this book - A directory of Covert Tactics that manipulators use to get what they want! - to learn the manipulator's game, so they can't play it with you!

    Through this book, you can gain the knowledge and strength you need to assess and leave your situation to find true happiness - or to challenge and transform manipulative behaviour in ourself and those around us. "OPENLY NAME THE GAME" is a powerful way to stop manipulation - even if the manipulator is too embarrassed to confess or apologise, they may still decide that now is a good time to stop doing it - manipulation strategies thrive in the darkness of "unspoken" and "unchallenged" - they do not like to have the bright light of attention focussed upon them!

    Once you learn the underhanded mind games manipulators use, you will be able to liberate yourself from emotional abuse and control and no one will be able to toy with your sense of self-worth and emotional well being ever again!

    Learn how to IDENTIFY emotional manipulation - BECOMING AWARE is more half the battle!

    You'll also learn to spot the warning signs within yourself that expose covert manipulation is taking place, even if you can't identify the specific tactics being used.

    This book is geared particularly towards romantic relationships, especially those involving a pathological partner. Even so, the manipulation tactics covered are the same as those used by family members, coworkers, friends, and others.

    We don't want everyone to become HYPERVIGILANT or PARANOID, its important to understand that WE ARE ALL manipulative at times and that people are often manipulative because they dont know how to relate more skilfully, or even the importance of relating, in more authentic and self-esteem-enhancing ways.

    Covert emotional manipulation tactics are underhanded methods of control. Emotional manipulation methodically wears down your self-worth and self-confidence, and damages your trust in your own perceptions. It can make you unwittingly compromise your personal values, leading to a loss of self-respect and a warped self-concept. With your defenses weakened or completely disarmed in this manner, you are left even more vulnerable to further manipulation.

    Skilled manipulators get you to put your emotional well-being into their hands. Once you make that grave mistake, they methodically chip away at your identity and self-esteem until there’s little left, unless you identify it and put a stop to it.

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     Some Common Forms of Psychic Attack

    Dreams or Visions of Demonic, Ghostly or Witch-like figures
    Black Magic, Sorcery, Voodoo (malicious use)
    Cursing  -  Malice-ridden thoughts
    Back-biting words     Back-stabbing actions
    Rumour-mongering     Malicious Gossip
    Self-hatred     Self-sabotage behavior
    Rebound of psychic attacks made on others
    Being open to people in a negative or destructive state
    Massage or Sex with people who are sick or hold bad feelings (consciously or unconsciously)
    Confronting Inner Demons - Psychic Protection through Transformation EMBRACE OF THE DAIMON: HEALING THE SUBTLE ENERGY BODY

    Have you wrestled with uncanny, nightmarish imagery in dreams or waking?

    Life crises, trauma, deep meditation, prayer or inquiry can unleash surprisingly compelling yet scary, even revolting, imagery and related feelings.
    With few maps to help navigate this terrain, we are tempted to deny or repress our experience. Precipitated by a descent into the dark recesses of her own psyche, Sandra Dennis explores the eruption of strange, wild, compelling characters from the unconscious that she calls 'daimons.'
    The Greeks understood the daemon as the intermediary between gods and humans, the guardian spirit assigned at birth that connects heaven and earth. These messengers come as agents of inner transformation. When we welcome them with understanding and compassion, they expand our consciousness and connect us with healing qualities of strength, compassion and vision. This book leads us to this growing edge of the psyche and invites our curiosity and caring. Sandra Lee Dennis charts a course of radical acceptance of experience - no matter how painful or difficult - as absolutely necessary for our well-being and the well-being of the planet. She brings a spiritual context to what most disturbs us. She offers a simple method to navigate these alarming images and anxieties.
    Instead of treating them as perversions to banish, we are encouraged to embrace their primal power becoming more intelligent, loving and whole in the process. "Embrace of the Daimon" can help: Calm your concerns by understanding the role of these daimonic images in the larger context of growth to wholeness, or individuation.
    Find the courage to explore these states of mind with more intimate, compassionate interest. Learn to navigate your way through the unusual sensations that often accompany breakthroughs of the daimonic.

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    How to Protect Yourself against Psychic Attack

    Copyright 2012

    *Psychic Protection Online Video: FIND YOUR POWER ANIMAL!

    *Practical Psychic Protection - Soul Loss & Soul Retrieval Tips:  Examples     Resources

    A Shamanic Practitioner writes:
    "My clients who come with 'psychic attack' issues have usually become trapped in obsessive relationships
    where destructive energies are being [consciously or unconsciously] recycled back and forth with other beings - be they physical or metaphysical." Join the discussion!


    "A Weakened Person is a Good Breeding Ground for Unwelcome Visitors of All Kinds!"

    Wounded and as yet unhealed folks are of course especially vulnerable to psychic attack.

    Other people particularly vulnerable to "psychic attack" is someone who indulges in covert sabotage of others, excessive "power struggles" or is controlling, manipulative or exploitative of others.

    Another category of vulnerability to "psychic attack" is the "healer" and other "caring and compassionate" person - they may willingly, or unwittingly, absorb the suffering, rage or negativity of others. They are especially vulnerable if they...

  • are feeling guilty, low in spirits, or sick themselves;
  • are projecting their feelings or inner child onto the other person;
  • have learned to allow other people to dump toxic feelings, attitudes or beliefs onto them;
  • have false self-esteem which is based on being "a caring person" or "being a healer".


     Depression - help and advice tips on management and supportPARANOIA CHECK for VICTIMS of PAST SUFFERING...
    Could you be sub-consciously projecting onto other people, a repressed



    Psychic Protection - Cutting Cords of Attachment - Let go of old outdated relationship patterns via Energy Spirituality

    Tied to an Ex? - Cut Cords of Attachment
    Heal Yourself & Others with Energy Spirituality

    Trapped in a toxic family relationship? Tied to an old lover or partner? Co-dependent? Can't live with someone but can't live without them?
    This book can teach you how to cut one cord of attachment one time with healing so permanent that you will never have a cord of attachment to that person again for the rest of your life. Benefits go far, far beyond merely cleansing your aura or aligning your chakras. This book can educate you to develop professional quality healing skills. This Second Edition has refinements that include a full section on making contact with Divine Beings in order to co-create healing.

    Provides instructions, a sound theory base and practical techniques to master a life-changing skill set. Besides pioneering techniques to cut cords, this is the first book in English to describe chakra databanks, a very practical development within the field of energetic literacy (aura reading). There is no other book with such precise, detailed, and useful skills for moving out cords of attachment. Based on 20+ years of professional experience, Rosetree's 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment are explained in a highly readable way, filled with real-life examples, laugh-out-loud humour, and practical techniques. Her aim was to write a definitive "how-to" manual aimed at holistic healing professionals, psychologists, psychics, angel card readers and anyone with a curiosity about the paranormal. This is a do-it-yourself instruction kit for anybody who wishes to develop skills in the 21st century art of "Energy Spirituality"..

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