Medieval Monk   Brother Mikhael
welcomes you to his

Medieval Chapel of Healing
Brother Mikhael's healing ministry - awakening the Spiritual warrior within Just a plain and simple chapel
Where humble people go to pray
I pray the lord that Iíll grow stronger
As I live from day to day
Take your troubles to the chapel
Get down on your knees and pray
Your burdens will be lighter
And youíll surely find the way

from  Crying in the Chapel
The Medieval Chapel of Healing - Brother Michael's healing ministry - purification of body mind and soul - refresh your physical emotional and spiritual well-being in this peaceful chapel


* Protection against Evil Spiritual Dark Forces: Psychic Self-Protection
* Journey of the Soul through Incarnation : Soul Loss - Retrieval - Soul Remembrance
Hear Brother Mikhael - His Sacred Music & Radio Interview
Brother Michael speaks of his spiritual name, adventures, mystical psychic experiences, healing and stress management practices, meditation, Aramaic chanting of the Beatitudes and writing our life story as a path to success and happiness
  • Return to Innocence - Enigma (Spiritual Re-birth)
  • Ancient Mother (Holy Names of the Goddess in all religions)
  • Rockin' All Over The World = The Masculine Spiritual Energy
  • Aramaic Chant of the 3rd Beatitude from Sermon on the Mount

    * Dowsing - Earth Energies - The Holy Grail : Explore Ancient Mysteries - N. Wales Retreat

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    The Sacred Mission of the Medieval Chapel of Healing

    To provide inspiration and support for spiritual healing and a value-driven, cosmic community-based lifestlye, for people of any faith or of no religious affiliation at all.

    The resources here are based on ancient tried and tested principles such as fasting, meditation, music which inspires, uplifts or heals, prayer and connection to divine beings who can guide, support and inspire us with their qualities and wisdom.

    About Holy Brother Mikhael

    "Holy" refers to "wholeness", which some say is the real goal of the Holy Grail Quest, and the divine gift that evolves from undertaking the hazardous journey. "Brother" reminds us of the Brotherhood/Sisterhood (sacred connection) of all living beings

    "Mikhael" (pronounced mee-ghh-eye-ell with stress on the "ell") is the Hebrew name from which "Michael" has been derived. The name Mikhael also occurs in the Russian and Hindi languages. The Arabic version is "Mikail".

    Mikhael means "who is El" or "Who is like God" (El was the name for God which preceded the biblical names for God: Yahwey and Jehova. El is the root of the name Elohim for God in ancient Hebrew and Elat in Old Canaanite). El, Elohim and Elat, like the arabic word for God, Allah, and the Aramaic word for God, Allaha, all basically mean "Sacred Unity" referring to "the one" and the "the oneness" of all creation.

    Brother Mikhael is the medieval monk persona of Michael Meredith - a UK stress management trainer and shamanic healer of Celtic ancestry. Was he a Franciscan monk in a previous life?. Who knows? He did once have a healing vision of St. Francis.

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