Powerfully drawn to another person? Overwhelmed with desire, passion?
Is your ideal lover or partner a soulmate - emotional rock? or a dangerous rock on which your tender heart will break?


Passionate Feelings - Fatal Attraction?
Exciting Relationship Opportunity? or Sticky Spider's Web of Disappointment?


Consider this dire warning from Bonnie Tyler!

It's a heartache, nothing but a heartache
Love until your arms break, then he lets you down
It ain't right with love to share when you find he doesn't care for you
It ain't wise to need someone as much as I depended on you
It's a heartache, nothing but a heartache
Love until your arms break, then he lets you down
It's a fool's game, nothing but a fool's game
Standing in the cold rain, feeling like a clown

It's a Heartache album - The Best of Bonnie Tyler CD - Projection in Intense Passionate Feeling Relationships - Passion and Fatal Attraction

"It's a Heartache" - The Best of Bonnie Tyler album CD

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Happy, secure and healthy relationships are those that grow steadily out of basic friendship and modest feelings of attraction.

Where the initial feelings are passionate and almost overwhelming - "I am swept of my feet!" - "Here is a God / Goddess!", "My ideal partner!", this is a danger warning sign that we are succumbing to what psychologist's call "projection" - seeing a "missing" aspect of ourselves in (= "projecting onto them") this "wonderful, stunning, amazing" other person.

These "idealized" feelings arise especially when we are feeling very "needy". Our "wishful thinking" perception of this wonderful person is not fully real - we are not seeing the other person as they truly are and we are setting ourselves up for later disappointment, bitterness and resentment.


Bestselling author, lecturer, healer and relationship skills teacher, Louise L. Hay offers this advice in her inspiring book "Life! Reflections on Your Journey":

Write down all the qualities you want in your ideal mate...

Then check to make sure that you are expressing those qualities, yourself.

You may need to make some inner changes before the right person can come in!

"Life! Reflections on Your Journey" deals with growing up, relationships, work, spirituality, our elder years, death . . . and many of the problems, fears and challenges that these life transition events bring. As Louise Hay says in "Life! Reflections on Your Journey":

"Every Moment of Life is a New Beginning!"



Projection in Intense Passionate Relationship - Fatal Attraction? - Life! - Reflections on Your Journey by Louise L. Hay

"Life! - Reflections on Your Journey"

by Louise Hay
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