Meditations: Relaxing, Inspiring, Heart-centred & Soul-centred Guided & Healing

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
Deepak Chopra
1. The Law of Pure Potentiality [creative solutions]
2. The Law of Giving & Receiving [ebb & flow!]
3. The Law of Karma [What you sow determines what you reap!]
4. The Law of Least Effort [acting in harmony at right time]
5. The Law of Intention & Desire [initiation / motive-ation]
6. The Law of Detachment [open to a range of outcomes]
7. The Law of Life Purpose [discrimination / focus / congruency]
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Guided Heart & Soul Centred Meditation

Featuring the soothing narration of Deepak Chopra over the trancelike music of Adam Plack, The Soul of Healing Meditations serves as an introduction to meditation for neophytes and as a more advanced tool to help overcome a physical ailment and/or emotional toxicity.

That may make it sound like a digital elixir, but as Chopra says in his liner notes: "We like to tell our patients (at the Chopra Center for Well Being) that the body is the best pharmacy in the world and is capable of making wonder drugs." His message here is that one can naturally prevail over serious life challenges by becoming more attuned to one's body - by relaxing and filtering out the external world, focusing on and influencing internal sensations and biorhythms, and banishing negative thoughts and focusing on the positive aspects of life.

This CD is not meant as a cure-all for physical or emotional ills. Rather, it's a supplemental experience to other treatments or programs, and it shows how enlightening and empowering meditation can be when practiced properly. Its actual effects will depend upon the receptiveness of the listener. Plack's accompanying soundtrack ranges from delicate ambient tones to more active Indian music, appropriately serving the mood of each of the album's eight tracks.         (Review by Bryan Reesman)

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Relaxing Self-healing Guided Meditations
On this Deepak Chopra Meditation CD

Breathing Meditation
Heart Meditation
Body Awareness
Heart Sutra Meditation
Envoking the Gods of Healing
Inviting the Spirit of Healing
Banishing Disease
Ode of Solomon

Guided Heart and Soul Centred Meditation CD from Deepak Chopra - Relaxation and healing visualisation to center your mind body and spirit
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