Let your heart be clean and your mind peaceful
Then you will be able to fly - With your mind
This is the joy of becoming an Angel !

[From   Wings of Soul   by Dadi Janki]

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Stillness and Self-Renewal - Transcending Turbulent Ego Dramas!
Ego dramas?     Transcend?     How?     Stillness    

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Egocentric :  All I ask of life is a constant and exaggerated sense of my own importance!

What are Ego dramas?

Ego is a Latin word for "I" and the ego is that part of our psyche which looks after our independent surviving and thriving in the material world.

The ego is an important resource of our psyche but on its own it is unable to sustain our health and welfare. There is a part of the normal healthy human personality which needs to identify with and feel that we belong to some social group bigger than our individual self. Psychologists call this our "affiliation need". We also need to value, and contribute to, something bigger than ourself, such as our culture, society, the planet earth etc.

When we live too much in our ego (self-centredness / egocentricity), life eventually becomes increasingly stressful and our physical and mental health, happiness, fulfilment, wealth. psychological emotional life and welfare will eventually suffer. The ego has great difficulty in achieving sensible balance and perspective - our ego conditioning, i.e. training and experiences in childhood, often leads us to either unrealistically aggrandize ourselves ("puff ourselves up") or unrealistically diminish ourself ("beat ourself up"). Often the ego swings dramatically from one of these extreme views to the other depending on our current level of success or self-confidence.

The term Superego was used by psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud to refer to our "moral conscience" - the part of our subconscious mind in which the moral codes, standards and beliefs of parents, teachers and other influence of society are internalised and which censors and restrain our self-centred ego.

Ego dramas are insecurity-driven, non-constructive, non-creative patterns of thinking, feeling or behaving which basically go round in circles or "lead us up the garden path" of pointless worrying, scheming, analysing, questioning, speculating or struggling to "make things happen" or "prevent things happening". See Healthy Self-Esteem

If our ego or superego becomes excessively dominant we become either "agitated", "manic", "burnt out" or "split off" (dissociated from reality). In these situations we can often gain respite, refreshment, re-balancing, healing and a fresh path forwards by spending time in our "soul consciousness", "soul reality" or "soul space".

Warning: if you suffer from a mental illness or in acute distress, you should seek expert advice and guidance before attempting meditative practices which access the "soul space" deep within your psyche.


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Why Transcend Ego Dramas? - Why Access the "Soul Space"

   In our "soul space" we can access...

  • Rest & Relaxation - from the questioning, analysing, judging and scheming of ego
  • Deep Mystical Wisdom, Inner Knowing, "Gnosis" as in Gnostic Gospels, Kabbalah etc
  • Healing power
  • One-ness with all of Creation - including the Creator himself/herself/itself
  • Creativity, Soul Purpose, Meaning, Life Direction
  • Beauty, Serenity, Peace, Stillness, Clarity
  • Alchemy, Magic, Visions, Psychic Powers
  • Liberation - from energy draining, conflict & stress generating, time-consuming preoccupation with asserting and defending our ego (pride, neurotic sense of self)
  • Light - Lightness - Enlightenment


A Ballad About Transcending Ego dramas to Enter Soul Consciousness

        Where do I go with all these feelings?
        And all these faces and open doors?
        When everyone else seems so serene
        And I just feel so insecure
Where do I go when all the pieces
of my heart feel on the floor?
You say...
"Come into The Light why don't you?"
"Come on Now!  Come into The Light!"
A Ballad About Transcending Ego dramas to Enter Soul Consciousness - The lyrics relate to this journey from troublesome ego dramas to the peace and light of soul connection - soul consciousness       Where do I go with all these memories?
And all these bags filled up with shame?
How should I feel when you call me an angel?
And dress me in a crown of gold?

What should I do when tears of sorrow
just won't stay inside these eyes?
You say...
"Come into The Light why don't you?"
"Come on Now!  Come into The Light!"

        What should I do when a gentle hand
        reaches out to take my own?
        How should I feel when tears of joy
        just won't stay inside these eyes?
What will I do when I start to love you?
Really trust and know you're there?
You say...
"You'll be in The Light where I am!"
"Come on Now!  Come into The Light!"
From the album "A Hundred Thousand Angels" by Bliss:
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"Egotism is the anaesthetic given by a kindly mother nature to relieve the pain of being a damned fool"
Bellamy Brooks

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