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Meditation Techniques to Transcend Ego & Access The Soul

Meditation Techniques to Transcend Ego & Access Soul Consciousness
  • Become aware that we are in our "ego mode"
  • of perception, thinking, feeling, behaving
  • Know there is an experience of soul reality available
  • Resolve to invest modest time and effort in transcendance of Ego
  • Become aware of the obstacles to be cleared
    e.g. via self-affirmative dialogue with, or singing to, one's own reflection in a mirror
  • Let Go of Blaming, Analysing and Judging
  • Enter sitting meditation using standard transcendental techniques
    e.g. breath observation, mantra repetition or open-eyed object or nature awareness. When ego arises use affirmations of the soul's truth, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) or engagement with the soul's spiritual qualities to transcend ego and access your soul.
  • Meditations which involve dissolving the ego boundaries - transcend duality
    WARNING: Meditation should only be learned under expert guidance and in the case of depression, mental illness, psychiatric problems, medication or acute distress, meditating is usually best avoided - See instead: Emergency stress relief

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