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The Soul's Truth versus the Ego's Truth


          Ego-speak: "This should not be happening!"
          Soul-speak: "Where I am NOW* is where I need to be"
          (* in the "Here and Now")

          Ego-speak: "I am not good enough"
          Soul-speak: "I just am!"

          Ego-speak: "He/She/It/They   are not acceptable"
          Soul-speak: "He/She/It/They   just are!"

The Soul's truths:
"Life works!"
"All is as it should be!"


Jesus Christ (Yeshua) taught Christians "Come to me all that travail and are heavy laden and I will refresh you".

So it is with divine connection in general - The soul and its sacred connection to higher beings is a refuge when the karmic consequences of ego-reality (the egoic self-gratification & surviving centre) have created intolerable suffering in our lives!

Soul Reality and Soul's Truth connects us to the Holy Trinity (Christian tradition), Heavenly Hosts (angelic hosts), departed ancestors (Shamanism) and loved ones i.e. the sacred ONE-NESS of all creation in the Cosmos.

Note: It's not that the soul is the place to be and the ego is "bad" or "evil" - Ego and Soul are conplementary resources.

The Ego is a DNA-based hereditary survival resource from our ancestors - also an entertainment centre! The ego is the seat of our passions and instinctive drives - an important wellspring of our life-force energy - our spontaneity and our vitality. However, egoic control of our life and behaviour is unskilful for modern civilised social situations - it is too self-centred! - Selfishness reaps the karma of isolation (loneliness) and feelings of separateness which, in a "herd animal" like human beings produces a constant feeling of anxiety. So the human maturation and spiritual growth and divine connections process requires that our higher self transcends and takes control of our egoic self (personal "jungle survival" instincts and behaviors.


The soul is purposeful:
A place of creativity and vision
The judgements of the ego may obscure and obstruct our soul's life purpose...

"If you bring forth that which is within you,
What you bring forth will save you.
If you do not bring forth what is within you,
What you do not bring forth will destroy you."
[The Gnostic Christian Gospel of St. Thomas: Logion 45]

The Soul's wisdom is laid out in the teaching of Moses, Jesus Christ, The Buddha, God's Holy Wisdom, Sophia wisdom, The Vedic texts, Tao Te Ching etc.



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