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In this Global Spirit video Buddhist Lama Lhanang Rinpoche discusses the "Inner Art" of meditation and the path of "Opening the Heart".
Sometimes, as he says, we go on an Outer Pilgrimage to find what we need, when an Inner Pilgrimage journey might be more appropriate - but the opposite is also true!


Connecting to the Divine via Self-Reflective Meditation

Relationship experts agree that Loving, Valuing and Connecting to Our-Self is the first step towards loving, valuing and connecting to anyone else, be it family, friend, neighbour or stranger. Self-love [not to be confused with egocentric pride or narcissism] and healthy self-esteem are also required for connecting to fully to our spirit guides, whether it be in the "New Age" sense of "spirit guides" or the more traditonal religious icons and deities such as, for Christians: the Holy Trinity of Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit; for Judeo-Christians: God; for Muslims: Allah; for Pagans: Goddess and Nature Spirits; for Shamans: Great Spirit/Creator as well as "helper spirits" and power animals.

When connecting to, and loving, ourself is based on our abilities, achievements, authority, knowledge, power, job status, social status, comparison with others, being a victim or having a sense of control, we have what some authorities call "false self-esteem" or "pride-based self-esteem".

These sources of self-esteem are fragile - being rooted in transient earthly phenomena.

When we can connect to our soul, via compassion, non-narcissistic self-love, self-care and self-remembrance, we become aware of the beautiful, loving, compassionate and sensitive "God-spark", "Buddha nature" or "Christ energy" within us. In the Hindu spiritual tradition this process is called self-realization.

Via this divine internal connection we can uncover and powerfully connect to Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Buddha, Saints, Sages, Prophets, Angels or to "God" in the deep meditative stillness within us which is our divine heritage.

For more on self-esteem see Self-Esteem Enhancement


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