New discoveries in the Science of Physics have revealed
  • The Existence of "God"
  • Multiple Parallel Universes
  • Our Power to create our own Reality via Thoughts & Intentions!

  • New discoveries in the Science of Physics - The Existence of
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    Everyone is still talking about the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know? - Discovering the Endless Possibilities for Altering Your Everyday Reality"! Now comes the paperback edition of the book based on the mind-boggling movie that grossed $11 million in the U.S. alone. As the movie did, this book compels readers to ask themselves Great Questions that will recreate their lives as they know them. With the help of fourteen leading quantum physicists, scientists and spiritual thinkers, this book guides readers on a course from the scientific to the spiritual, and from the universal to the deeply personal. Along the way, it asks such questions as: Are we seeing the world as it really is? What are thoughts made of? What is the relationship between our thoughts and our world? Are we biologically addicted to certain emotions? How can I create my day every day? What the Bleep answers this question and others through an innovative, new approach to self-help and spirituality that's far different and more exciting than anything else on bookshelves. More than twenty short, focused, interactive chapters take readers on a journey that will integrate the answers to these Great Questions into every aspect of their lives.

    "What the Bleep Do We Know" is a collection of DVD and Video film (plus associated companion books and music). It is a guide to changing your life via the exciting new science of Quantum Mechanics which is where scientists, mystics, psychologists and religious experts come together in a unified understanding of the concepts of "Immortality" (Universal Oneness), "God" (the creative and unifying intelligence of universal consciousness), "Heaven" (alternate universes) and "Enlightement" (Self-empowerment via the magical power of our thoughts and intentions).

    Applying basic principles of quantum physics to human psychology, this film consists largely of interviews with experts in related fields, who pose existential questions and answer them with theories of endless possibilities. They explain that reality is only as we define it, that matter is permeable, and that experiences in life should be approached as controllable by the human mind. Opening doors to broad ideas--that we could exist simultaneously in many realities, that we could be in multiple places at once, that we could observe ourselves from outside our bodies, that time travels backwards and forwards--experts encourage positive thinking and open-mindedness. A situational plot involving a deaf photographer who is assigned to work at a Polish wedding serves to illustrate how the theories discussed could be applied to everyday experiences. Meanwhile, intense sequences of computer animation offer illustrations of outer space, the neural functions in our brains, the way that various hormones work, and even some funny Jello-like characters representing chemical reactions in our bodies. A raucous soundtrack of 1980s tunes--Robert Palmer's Addicted to Love, and Animotion's Obsession among them--adds to a jarringly dynamic score. For viewers who gravitate toward New Age theories of enlightenment and self-knowledge, or those who enjoyed the sci-fi plotlines of television series like STAR TREK, QUANTUM LEAP, and WITCHBLADE, this film will be a welcome addition to their library.

    What the Bleep Do We Know? is an informative 21st century simplified instruction manual on the mysteries and magic of Quantum Physics combined with entertaining illustrations of the practical implications using acted out scenes in a human drama plus some funny cartoon animations for the layperson of the internal workings of our neural networks, brain neurotransmitters, emotions and hormones - including the sex and love hormones involved in human attraction, arousal and relationship bonding.

    Marlee Matlin plays an insecure, anxious and confused deaf photographer who begins to question her perceptions of what her life is about. This is combined with interviews with quantum physics experts and New Age mysticism gurus who amazingly prove to be in complete agreement about the nature of God, the Universe, the meaning of Enlightment and the practical tools for making life-enhancing changes in our thinking, perceiving, peace of mind, relationships. happiness and contentment - via transforming our thinking patterns and intentionality. This is not simply about the Power of Positive Thinking - which actually comes in for a hard time from the film's experts!

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    Mystical Powers of Resonance & Intentionality

    Events in our outer world are mirrored in our inner world, and for some mystical "resonance" kind of reason there can sometimes be a mirroring back in the other direction. This concept was highlighted [but unfortunately for some people a bit over-sold!] in the famous movie "The Secret" [U.K.   USA] about "The Law of Attraction"

    People who redesign their lives from a dream state sometimes end up in a bipolar "up and down" cycle [as the dream succeeds or fails in the task of everyday manifestation in the dense energies of the everyday world] so it would be worth considering some of the practicalities...

    It is of course partly a matter of the quality of the dream state - especially to what extent that might be contaminated by ego-agendas and to what extent the dream state is grounded in body wisdom and "emotional clearing" [i.e. not a dissociative "flight of imagination"]

    If the dream is to be realised we will have to face up to the everyday dense-energies realities that we have built up around our inner and outer life over a period of time. For example our shadow, which may have seriously self-sabotaging patterns still, and also our attachments and relationships in the everyday world.

    The "Law of Attraction" has led many people down the road of dreaming their future. Sometimes successfully, but also many disappointments, because this popular film forgot to mention that there is a "Law of SHADOW Attraction" which is often more powerful than the "Law of [conscious] Attraction" simply because it's often particularly potent energies which we repress or deny into our shadow.

    Another consideration is that, even with a potentially realisable dream, we will probably need some "power" in the dense energies of the everyday world in order to realise the dream.

    In "Why People Don't Heal and How They Can" [U.K.   USA] Caroline Myss, states that in her experience the number one block to healing is "LACK OF POWER". I absolutely agree with this and have written a short article entitled "The 6 Common Disempowerment Styles" describing the common self-sabotaging vicious cycles that, in my experience of clients, commonly block "healing" i.e. living more fully.

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