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Traditional Biblical Angels in The New Age

Angels have not lost their Power to Heal, Uplift & Inspire!

Angels remind us of Beauty, Purity & The Power of Prayer.
They are, as ever, the messengers of Love, Peace & Healing

The beautiful, heavenly music is "Angel Voices" from the Reiki Healing Mind, Body, Soul CD:

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Jesus and the Gods of the New Age links the "New Age"
A Christian perspective on angels, goddess worship, astrology, near death experiences and past lives


and the
of the
New Age
Jesus and the Gods of the New Age links the New Age and Christian perspective on angels, goddess worship, astrology & near death experiences & past lives

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"Jesus and the Gods of the New Age : Communicating Christ in Today's Spiritual Supermarket" is by Ross Clifford and Philip Johnson. This book powerfully connects "New Age" and Christian perspectives on topics such as angels, goddess worship, the Zodiac, near death experiences and past lives.

Today many people are searching for spiritual meaning but for the most part they are not conducting their search anywhere near a church. It is more likely that they are delving into things like alchemy, paganism, gnosticism, tarot, and yoga. In this book, the authors offer help to Christians who want to relate to today's searchers in ways that are meaningful and effective. From their own wide experience of evangelism with New Agers, they share stories of their encounters and give pointers, rooted in the Bible, to the way forward for the Christian Church.


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According to Ross Clifford Philip Johnson and John Drane in Jesus and the Gods of the New Age, institutional religion seems to be reaching the end of its votive wick and there's a hunger for spirituality at street level that's stronger than ever. Do-it-yourself religion is as popular as B&Q on a Sunday morning, and with celebrity adherents such as Madonna and Richard Gere, it's cool, too. Clifford and Johnson are Christians who have decided to go on their own search to discover why activities such as yoga, alchemy, astrology, paganism and tarot are becoming so hip. Unlike many ignorant detractors, the authors have set out to listen sympathetically to the stories of today's spiritual searchers, to learn from them and to enter an ongoing conversation with those who have swapped traditional religious belief for their pick 'n' mix alternatives.

The result, therefore, is a highly engaging and thoughtful insight into how Christians might respond to New Age thinking, and how they might better help their own faith to compete in the spiritual marketplace. It is unashamedly evangelistic in its approach--the aim is to "present a practical, field-tested model of how to share your faith and ... apologetically direct conversations towards Jesus' call to discipleship". But the strength of this book lies in the wealth of ordinary examples it presents, in its quest to discover what Jesus means to the post-religious 21st century.

We discover, too, that Christianity has plenty more spiritual connections with everyday life than most of us had realised and that, in today's spiritual supermarket, it needn't necessarily be left on the shelf.

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Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil - Why Church Fathers Suppressed the Book of Enoch and Its Startling Revelations by Elizabeth Clare ProphetConversations with God - An uncommon dialogue interaction between man or woman and their Creator

New Age Christianity

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