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Angels To Inspire!

A Cosmic Vision of Angels accompanied by an Uplifting Angelic Serenade
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Angelic Voices: "Angels, answer me, Are you near if rain should fall?"
Beautiful singing by Enya from her Album "Shepherd Moons"

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"Angels, all could be, should you move both earth and sea"
"Angels, I could feel all those dark clouds disappearing..."
"Even, as I breathe comes an angel to their keep!"


Angel Cards, such as the famous set developed by the Findhorn Foundation
can be a source of divine inspiration and support
at times of stress, struggle or despair


Angelic stress management and healing to uplift and inspire the spirit Divine Source
Angelic Inspiration

When we are feeling "down" or "stuck" it can be very hard for us to "see the wood for the trees" as the old saying goes
Just when we need to be flexible, resourceful and "thinking laterally" we can find ourselves stuck on seeing our situation in a very rigid and limited way. Also we can be so focussed on "moving things along" in the external world, that we miss the value and power in moving things along in our internal word.

Angel cards can help us to manage stress, heal a damaged relationship and progress our personal journey of healing and spiritual development.

There are now a variety of "Angel Card" packs available and also books describing how to make the most of using them...

Angel Cards: Popular Card Sets, Books and Use Guides
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Practical Angelcards tips:
1. Always examine closely the angel activity picture on the card, as well as the word(s) of inspiration or affirmation.
2. Check out your personal reaction to the card at 3 levels: mind, body (e.g. a rise or fall in energy level, increased tension or relaxation) and emotions.

Angel cards offer insights into new ways of seeing ourself, other people and everyday situations
They can bring fresh perspectives, creative ideas, inspiration to try a different approach
They remind us of our finer qualities, our divine support and our higher loving aspirations
at a time when we may be feeling "dragged down" emotionally and spiritually

*Angelcard Uses and Abuses:  Compulsive advice giving!

A Peaceful Angelic Blessing for Your Outer or Inner Child
From the "Songs for the Inner Child" album CD by Shaina Noll (Amazon sample audio tracks: UK   Canada   USA)
Angelic Healing to restore the weary soul

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