The Medieval Chapel of Healing  

Guardian Angels and the Archangels of Healing are an inspiring source of comfort, courage, support and inspiration at times of trouble.
Appearing in many religious and spiritual traditions: Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, New Age, Sufi.

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Angels and Archangels are a rich part of our religious heritage, playing a significant role and tradition in the Jewish Old Testament and the Christian Gospels of the Bible. In Jungian psychological therapeutic terms we could say that the angelic hosts provide a rich panoply of archetypes which we can relate to, and which personify personal qualities, behaviour patterns and personality attributes which we can draw on as important resources from the collective unconscious (spirit world or heavenly realm).
Angels and Archangels seem to have a nature-spirit counterpart in the Fairies ("Faeries" in Old English) of the Celtic pagan religious traditions of Northern Europe. Angels and fairies both have wings and have long played a major role in children's nursery stories (e.g. the Tooth Fairy) and in cultural mythology. Children especially can draw much comfort, sense of security, inspiration and healing from stories about angels and fairies.


A Hundred Thousand Angels CD by Bliss - soul music for Angel Therapy and Angelic healing - A soulful ballad to connect you to your Guardian Angel Do you hear me talk to you?
I whisper through doorways and pathways of your mind
Clear like the morning dew and fresh from my journey
Across an ocean of blue
Take just a minute
Come and rest you by my side
Let me tell you your own story
Let me walk you through your lives
Only a second is all it takes to realise
There's a hundred thousand angels by your side!

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100,000 Angels are By Your Side!
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