To End persistent Suffering we have to stop struggling and fighting against it...
in acceptance of suffering we stop feeding our suffering...
we stop giving our energy to it and we may find that going THROUGH suffering and OUT THE OTHER SIDE is what life is requiring of us.

The Power of Now to Heal Us  -  To Transform our Lives for the Better!
How to Come into "Presence"  of  "Here and Now"

How to Escape From the Prison of Disturbing Thoughts - Cure Anxiety & Worry!
You can't be 'FULLY PRESENT IN LIFE' just in your head!

Our Mind-Created sense of who we are - our self-identity or personality - is the main source of our insecurities! Step out of the big drama of "Me and My Life" in order to find a more secure sense of who you are. In stillness you will discover who you REALLY are! You can then STOP mentally analysing, labelling, judging and controlling the world around and inside you, and you will begin to experience "simply being" - in this experience ["PRESENCE"] you will find the peace, stability, beauty, wonder, magic, joy and love that your mind can never give you! Stop reducing your life to "THOUGHTS & OPINIONS ABOUT THINGS" - this will never bring you deep, fulfilling and sustainable joy and fulfilment.

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We have to stop telling ourself and others self-sabotaging "Poor Me" stories in order to stop suffering and move forward in life. This is NOT about denying our suffering or pretending that everything is fine. It is about getting on with the job of moving through suffering insead of keep wallowing around in it.

The first step is to create a "working space" distance between ourself and the "truths" we hold about the tragedy, depth and intensity of our suffering. In other words we have to STOP BEING THE SUFFERING - STOP BEING an "Ill person", "A victim", "An uncared for or neglected" person. We have to DIS-IDENTIFY from our illness or suffering - it is NOT who we are, but an experience we are currently going through. The more we are attached to (investing time and energy in) our symptoms, and to our mental judgements and interpretations around our symptoms, the more difficult it is to move forward to a dsifferent experience.

Just for a few moments (is that too much to ask?), take a risk in Letting Go of the knowledge, beliefs, truths, analysis, advice, judgements and realities that you hold about your present illness, pain, suffering or struggle with life. What is left? Who is left? Is the stillness, the mental and verbal silence really empty - devoid of life? Of course not, you are still there - experiencing, feeling, observing. Initially this absence of "your stuff" - your mental, emotional and spiritual baggage, may be a scary, strange, lost experience, but BREATHE DEEP and SLOW and hold ths space for a few minutes - does it get worse or does it get better? Is there an opportunity on this other deeper level of your present existence to restore yourself and to connect to additional resources and alternative truths? These resources and truths may not be "real" to you yet, but could they be, could you feed/noursih/support them and bring them into your life?

Freedom from Suffering - The Healing Essence in Appreciating the Present Moment - The Power of Now!


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