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Cooking on the spiritual journey of human personal development- Soul Path Food - Healthy Recipes to keep you on track for a nourishing life

A Healthy Recipe for a Tasty Life!

A grain of rice cannot polish itself! - Nor can a traveller on the path of spiritual adventure!

1. Take one grain of rice...

Notice how isolated it feels - How insecure, unfulfilled & lacking in self-awareness - the price of an acquisitive and self-seeking, risk-avoidance, "comfort zone" ("Rock-Island") lifestyle.

2. Add more grains of rice...

Encourage them to come into contact each other so that they can feel where their own boundaries end and another grain of rice begins. Notice their richer level of life experience and their enhanced self-awareness (ego). In the spiritual kitchen, celebrity soul-food chefs call this phase of the cooking experience a "Me-You Duality".

3. Compact the mixture by adding some pressures...

Notice how the rice grains nestle up against each another as they come under increasing external pressure to conform to imposed conditions and to internal (desire, ambition, self-expression) drives and demands. Their relationship becomes increasingly close, sometimes moving towards a co-dependent form of intimacy.

4. Energise the mix with a few intense agitations, interactions and dramas...

As they jostle for space and self-expression, the rice grains will begin to attack and abrade each other's surface appearance and attempt to force their personal "shape" (soul food cookery experts call this a "personal worldview") onto other grains that they come into contact with. Co-dependent grains that have become stuck together in a congealed mess, may have to be forcibly separated in order to free-up their individual forward movement and contributution to the whole.

Some grains may lack sufficient inner strength to withstand this traumatic phase of the cooking process. They will begin to disintegrate and may even experience complete breakdown. If you find that this shattering of the grain ego structure is too extensive to continue, return to step 1 and begin again. Alternatively, give up your ambition to be a soul food connoisseur and devote your life instead to the pursuit of junk food, alcohol, money, sex, power, victimhood, recreational drugs, or constant medical care.

5. Maintain pressure and agitation until continuing interactions begin to polish the rough and superficial appearance of individual grains...

The personal trauma wounds of the individual rice grains will be distressing to experience, but it is important to "hang on in there" to the point where the now more polished grains transform from superficial "I-You" separateness to a deeper, INTER-dependent, expanded "I am reflected in you" interconnectedness.

6. Stir the mixture and turn up the warmth in a spiritual pressure cooker...

Continue to add generous measures of love, homespun kitchen wisdom and dedication until the previously separate grains begin to melt and merge into a blissful interrelationship which we call "one-ness".

7. Garnish well and serve hot or cold...

...for a delicious and nourishing treat - a "just dessert" you could die for!

Heavenly just dessert after the spiritual journey - Soul Path Food - Healthy Recipes to keep you on track for a life in which you cultivate nourishing relationships
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"Every Moment of Life is a New Beginning!"

"Playing Small is a Valid Choice - Playing Large is Another Option!"

"Take What You Want from Life - But be Prepared to Pay the Cost!"

(Wisdom of Tao)
Spiritual Cooking - Soul Food - Healthy Eating Recipe for a Tasty Fulfilling Life with nourishing relationshipsLife!
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Spiritual Cookery Soul Food Recipes for a tasty and fulfilling life experience with healthy nourishing relationships

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