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Psychic Protection for Healers

1. FIND or CREATE A SACRED SPACE FOR WORKING IN: Every place in the universe - be it man made or in nature - carries its own energy. Some make us feel safe and comfortable, while others disturb us and still others feel simply neutral or even boring. When we connect with an existing space and BECOME ONE with it - if it touches or resonates with something deep inside us - then we know instinctively that it is a space that can hold us and protect us, a space that can help us heal or one in which we can FIND ourselves. In other words: A SPECIAL SPACE THAT IS SACRED TO US. [SACRED SPACE OVERVIEW, SMUDGING & RITUAL ]

2. SELF-CLEARING & DIVINE GUIDANCE [e.g. Prayer or Shamanic Journeying] PRACTICES: to attune to, modify or reject, the planned healing work.

3. CREATE AN "ARC OF PRAYER & PROTECTION": a protective bubble made up of various combinations of visualisation, intentionality, prayer, mantra chanting and/or special movements, postures or mudras. We may choose to do this to avoid receiving harmful energies from the healee, however these protective shields can potentially also act as a block to the healee's "energetic release" [emotional or spiritual] process and possibly even to a restriction of a beneficial channelling/transference process. In shamanic healing and cathartic healing, after long-term training and experience, we will sometimes choose to forgo this personal self-protection in order to engage with, or channel to earth, the client's held-in, self-sabotaging energies. The Cherokee Dance of Life is an holistic way of creating arc of protection PLUS opening a resourcefulness/flexibility/flowing connection to the "winds of life". Self-protective Visualizations may be: surrounding bubbles of simple colours [white/pink/green], elements [fire/earth/sunlight], divine illumination, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Totem Animals, Buddhas, God, Goddess etc.

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Techniques for Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Clearing
Negativity - Toxic Enviroments - Psychic Attacks - Energy Blocks

"Held-in"  Energy-Release techniques: Catharsis

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Cognitive Therapy     Social Support: Spiritual Community     Positive Affirmations     Prayer in Sacred Places     Meditation

Enlisting Divine Protection    (Guardian Angel     Creator, Deities,   Higher Self,   Spirit Guide etc)

Spiritual Study & Practices     Crystals & Amulets especially Black Tourmaline

Visualisation techniques: colour therapy, protective energy field

Personal or Tribal Totems: Book     Shamanic Medicine Shields


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